Seeking Lone Arranger Representatives

Deb Schiff
2017-2018 Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect of SAA Lone Arrangers

After the recent annual SAA meeting, our Chair Julia Corrin sent out a message entailing our goals for the next 3 years.

One of the points mentioned was the effort to make more local Lone Arrangers events happen. To that end, we’re asking YOU if you’d like to represent your locality as the Lone Arranger Representative. New York has been claimed by SOLO editor, Ashley Levine, and New Jersey, by Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect of SAA Lone Arrangers Section, Deb Schiff.

Which area will you claim? Maybe you’ll claim the Los Angeles area, or the greater Minneapolis area, or Rhode Island?

Here’s a general idea of what you could be doing (you might decide to add other things, in which case, we encourage the sharing of ideas here so that your efforts can be used as a model and we can praise and promote you publicly and often, because you’re awesome):

1. Be your locality’s archives evangelist and advocate with the official title of Lone Arranger (name of your locality here) Representative.
2. Plan and carry out Lone Arranger meet ups.
3. Develop/implement/host continuing education workshops (e.g., preservation, processing 101, etc.) for new and/or student colleagues.
4. Hold fundraisers for above workshops.
5. Communicate regularly with the list serv and our FB page about your local activities.
6. Work collaboratively with other local archives, libraries, historical societies, museums, and other organizations to accomplish collective goals (digitization projects, disaster preparedness, and so much more).
7. Your great ideas here!

You have our encouragement, support, and help with these efforts. Let’s make Lone Arrangers to the Rescue! a rallying cry for archivists around the country! Please be in touch with Deb Schiff, or Ashley Levine to become a Lone Arranger Representative!