Join Us In Portland! 

Julia Corrin
University Archivist
Carnegie Mellon University
Vice Chair, Lone Arrangers Section
Society of American Archivists

Do you have expectations for this year’s Lone Arranger’s meeting in Portland? Are you worried that we won’t meet them? Fear not! Following our business meeting, we’ll be taking time to out discuss the power and peril of expectations and how to better manage them.

As archivists, we’ve all had to deal with expectations, both reasonable and unreasonable. Why isn’t it digitized? I thought when I volunteered I’d be doing something different!  What do you mean you don’t have any photos of Andrew Carnegie riding a bicycle on the beach in the winter?! Our panel members will reflect on times they’ve had to manage these kinds of expectations and methods they’ve developed for dealing with them. We will then have the chance to break out into small groups to commiserate and brainstorm.

So please join us, and our panel members — Dominique Luster, the Teenie Harris Archivist at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Amber D’Ambrosio, the processing archivist and records manager at Willamette University, Melissa Gonzales, archivist at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Caitlin Wells currently the Collection Services Librarian for Special Collections at the University of Michigan – on July 26th for friendship, emotional support, and practical solutions for Lone Arrangers.