SAA Establishes Independent Archivist Section

Congratulations to William Villano (Chair) and Michelle Ganz (Vice Chair) for their efforts in officially creating SAA’s Independent Archivists Section (IA)! The Lone Arrangers community too consists of many archivists working independently, so we are elated that independent archivists can now be better served!

IA has members who work with traditional collections held in private homes, consultants who specialize in facilities, archivists processing the personal photographs of celebrities, contractors tasked with preserving multi-million dollar artificial collections, and all manner of firms, contractors and specialists working in every conceivable form of repository. In other words, this section now caters to a spectrum of archival experiences and approaches not typically found in other SAA sections.

IA acquired over 100 members within it’s first 48 hours of existence, and the numbers continue to grow! IA aims to function as an open forum to discuss the unique challenges faced by contractors and consultants, from the rare to the routine.

If you are an independent archivist, or face challenges that you’d like to address to the IA community, please consider joining the section, and signing up for the IA email listserv!