Archivists to the Rescue!

Deb Schiff
2017-2018 Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect of SAA Lone Arrangers

Volunteer members of the SAA Lone Arrangers; Reference, Access and Outreach; and Issues and Advocacy Sections are working on a pilot project, Archivists to the Rescue! This initiative aims to bring low- and no-cost basic archival training workshops to non-professional archivists and cultural heritage professionals who cannot afford typical professional development courses and/or the transportation costs required to travel outside of their areas for similar workshops. This effort will strive to help small organizations and local communities preserve and make accessible their archival records that are hidden due to a lack of access to information on preservation and archival practices, as well as increase the awareness of the profession and the Society of American Archivists, and promote a more inclusive profession.

The pilot program will comprise a series of workshops covering the essentials of preservation, archival processing, arrangement, description, digital archives (handling born-digital materials and digitizing materials), and identifying and caring for photographs. Archivists to the Rescue! Will partner with affiliated cultural heritage organizations and other sister SAA Sections to roll out the pilot to religious archives and small historical organizations in New Jersey.

The Lone Arrangers will update members about the pilot progress in the coming months, and are thrilled to develop a practical means of reaching more and more communities.

Archivists to the Rescue!

2 thoughts on “Archivists to the Rescue!

  1. The Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board and the State Library have been doing this type of program for several years now and have a great response from local libraries, historical societies and other organizations. Check out our web page at the Connecticut State Library’s home page at

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  2. Are we thinking of a web-based program, possibly of recorded presentations on various subjects, that would be available on demand, at the time of most need, to any interested archivist-in-training? Perhaps you could record those workshops in New Jersey and make them more widely available? I find, being a Lone Arranger in the deep south, that I am very grateful to the people who provide online webinars on various topics, mostly available now on preservation, conservation, etc., from what I can find. I am past the beginner stage at this point, but a beginner is what I once was, and I would have benefited greatly from such a program. I feel sure there is great need!

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